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Picasso's Guernica (War)

Picasso's Guernica (War)

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Hybrid Long-Term Care Policies Provide Cash and Leave Some Behind

Hybrid LongTerm Care Policies Provide Cash and Leave Some Behind There’s a good reason to have long-term care coverage in your wealth management plan. If you need to go to a nursing home, it can cost more than $90,000 a year for a private room, according to a survey by Genworth Financial, an insurance company. The costs, especially for […]

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American Funds 529 College Account Change

American Funds 529 College Account Change We have reviewed our 529 College accounts with American Funds and see that the New World Fund within this account has risen in value lately. However, its past performance has been weak. We see this as an opportunity to move out of this fund and into a US-based, dividend-paying […]

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Shiller's "Animal Spirits"

Shiller's "Animal Spirits" "Animal Spirits", which Shiller wrote with George Akerlof of Berkeley, concerns departures from the full-employment economy: How do we explain the fluctuations of the business cycle, or the existence of involuntary unemployment? In answering these questions, Shiller and Akerlof turn to John Maynard Keynes's notion of the animal spirits: "the restless and […]

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Have You Addressed Long-Term Care Costs?

Have You Addressed Long-Term Care Costs? At one time or another, roughly half of the citizens living in the United States will have to obtain high levels of services and support for long-term care after the age of 65. Such support will go toward helping them to have a quality life by way of enjoying […]

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