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      Welcome to LaBrunerie Financial
      At LaBrunerie Financial, we work to ensure a lifetime of financial security to people from all walks of life. From investment services to retirement plans, we assist our clients in making informed financial decisions. Our goal is to develop a greater level of wisdom about the financial markets and to translate our findings into workable and successful results for our clients. If you’re looking for a trustworthy company that has the experience and knowledge to put your interests first, let us work with you to plan for a sound financial future.

      Our company


      To provide timely, unbiased financial advice to people from all walks of life. As a team of investment professionals, our aim is to develop a greater level of wisdom about the financial markets and translate that wisdom into workable and profitable results for our clients.

      What services are available?

      We offer personal financial planning, investment portfolio reviews & recommendations, as well as investment management. Plus we also offer insurance long-term care needs evaluation, tax sheltering, retirement planning & income management strategies.

      Why choose LaBrunerie?

      As a Columbia based-business for over 50 years,  we’ve built our business by making our top priority building enduring client  relationships.  We focus on educating and helping our clients make informed financial decisions, providing on-going communication.

      How to access accounts?

      Our clients can access and manage all of their investment accounts quickly by using our easy to follow links page.  This portal page gives our clients quick access to manage their financial accounts with ease.


      Use our collection of offsite tools for time value calculators, news on research and performance and indexes.


      Hotline Website for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Information for investors including Security Helpline for Seniors®


      Stay current on Events and Information important to investment and financial planning.

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