Over 55 Years of Specialization

Since 1966, our firm has been headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, specializing in providing financial planning services and investment advice to individuals and families. We also provide a variety of financial retirement plans and educational programs for employers, groups, and organizations with a focus on small organizations. LaBrunerie Financial recognizes the significant degree of discretion and confidence that is involved in the advisor-client relationship, as this is a personal relationship based on trust and accountability. We create this level of trustworthiness through our financial performance, client service that is responsive and true to its commitments, and ongoing communication.

"You can be certain our interests are aligned with yours."


Our Priority

Building Enduring Client Relationships

We focus our activity on making excellent financial decisions and communicating to our clients in a timely manner. Through our written performance reports and consistent financial analysis, you will receive a report card of your financial progress that includes all of your accounts and holdings including retirement accounts with your employer.

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Our Process

Creating Personalized Solutions that Adapt as You Do

Initially, we must understand where you are financially today, where you want to be in the years to come, and develop an understanding of your attitude toward risk, return, and investing. During this phase, we will take an inventory of your current and future financial resources, establish your family’s financial goals, and assess your investing temperament. These factors build the foundation of your investment allocation and our advice.


Our Plan

Implementing the Strategy

Once we have established where you want to be and how best to get you there, we’ll implement your investment plan to include the appropriate asset classes, money managers, and specific securities to create an integrated portfolio. To accommodate market volatility and any changes in your life, we will employ an ongoing and systematic review process to monitor your investment portfolio, as well as the financial markets.  In doing so, we can plan ahead and efficiently make the necessary adjustments to your personal portfolio plan.

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