Investment Management

“Speculation is an effort, probably unsuccessful, to turn a little money into a lot. Investment is an effort, which should be successful, to prevent a lot of money from becoming a little.”

Fred Schwed Jr.

Leslie, Bret and Leann are financial advisors.

Portfolio Management

A One Size Fits All approach is not always the best approach for your investment portfolio. Create a working relationship with our team to design your optimized portfolio.

Our portfolio management technique goes beyond the basics. LaBrunerie enjoys creating a meaningful working relationship with our clients to set objectives for the portfolio. We customize the investment approach by matching your asset allocation to your defined objectives and balancing risk against performance. All of this is accomplished in a professional environment, where the highest standards of integrity, objectivity and proven experience thrive. Whether you are an active or passive investor, we continually monitor the allocation internally and offer scheduled periodic meetings to review with you and assess your results.

Portfolio Analysis

Data driven decisions are a crucial part of your portfolio management.

We take pride in our portfolio management software suite that helps us manage and analyze your total portfolio. Using our extensive length of time in the markets and the data and research gained over 55 years, we can review your investments in a timely manner and provide immediate performance results, including accounts not held at our firm. Our portfolio management systems break down the portfolio based on its investment style, performance, asset mix, and risk. In this environment and through the disciplined actions of our team, we will strive to produce results and service that will allow you to build and preserve your family’s wealth in the coming years.

Small Business Retirement

Save taxes today and create retirement income for tomorrow with a workplace retirement plan.

Whether a business has 1 employee or more than 100, a small business retirement plan will help you and your employees build wealth for retirement. Many different plans are available for the many different needs of business owners.

Our retirement educational services help businesses engage employees for active participation.

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Tax-Conscious Investing

All investors have unique goals, but one thing most have in common is the need to have a tax-savings strategy.

Reaching one’s financial objectives often requires an investment solution which reduces taxes on investment earnings as well as taxation on personal income. The investment vehicle and timing of contributions as well as withdrawals all impact the amount of taxes you pay and the bottom line of your savings plan.

Learn. Act. Grow.

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