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Money Tips For Your Adult Kids

Money Tips For Your Adult Kids Your adult children need all the support and encouragement they can get from you when it comes to money. Many people today require the advice of not just a professional money manager but individuals who have been through life and have seen a lot. Saving money, early retirement planning, […]

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To Delay or Not To Delay: Retirement

To Delay or Not To Delay: Retirement These days, more and more people are putting off retiring by the time they reach 65. Instead, these Baby Boomers are opting to continue working until they are a bit older, usually by the time they reach 70. There are a variety of reasons why they are delaying […]

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Rising Rates Increase The Appeal of Lump-Sum Pension Payouts

Rising Rates Increase The Appeal of Lump-Sum Pension Payouts It began in December 2015, the Federal Reserve started a policy of raising interest rates to more common historical levels. This was the first rate increase since 2006, and there have been additional hikes in the months since. While rising interest rates can be a negative […]

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Have You Addressed Long-Term Care Costs?

Have You Addressed Long-Term Care Costs? At one time or another, roughly half of the citizens living in the United States will have to obtain high levels of services and support for long-term care after the age of 65. Such support will go toward helping them to have a quality life by way of enjoying […]

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Shiller's "Animal Spirits"

Shiller's "Animal Spirits" "Animal Spirits", which Shiller wrote with George Akerlof of Berkeley, concerns departures from the full-employment economy: How do we explain the fluctuations of the business cycle, or the existence of involuntary unemployment? In answering these questions, Shiller and Akerlof turn to John Maynard Keynes's notion of the animal spirits: "the restless and […]

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