“Spring Cleaning” – Paul Pepper and Leslie Wilbers

As another summer is set to begin, our thoughts might turn to putting the wraps on spring cleaning and getting ready for a slower pace of life.

LaBrunerie Financial, your local financial advisor since 1966, has helped Mid-Missourians navigate this seasonal cycle for decades now, and has some valuable tips to pass along.

  • Along with spring cleaning, as you’re decluttering your house, be sure to dust off your estate plans, too, and make certain they are up to date and that you haven’t forgotten to name a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary on your IRA’s and other assets.

  • Double-check beneficiary status on your bank accounts and stocks, too. (If you set up a dividend investment plan at some point in the past with Compushare or other platforms, did you name a beneficiary?)

  • It’s never too early to start saving for college. This is an important reminder as the workforce will soon have an influx of younger workers, many of whom might be saddled with student loan debt.

  • For recent grads, it is important to start a student debt payoff loan plan, so you don’t get caught in the debt trap.

Summertime is usually a slower pace of life for individuals and families. Meaning, it’s a good time to meet with your financial advisor to go over future plans, to review and, if necessary, readjust your investment strategies.